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Videofyi is a content studio for end-to-end video solutions to power your content marketing plan. From project development, visual treatment ideas to execution for any platform and scale, we take care of your community connect needs. This is a platform where we showcase videos done by our producers and collaborators who create content around their passion of Food, Travel, Maker culture, Automobile and Football. With experience of creating more than 500 video for Top Brands, having shot extensively across the country, in all states, having managed multiple terra-bytes of video footage to create content to fuel their social media platforms, we are a digital native content studio.


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Our Origin Story

Year 2015, the year which Forbes dubbed the year of ‘Video’, when all the major social media platforms started giving thrust to video and YouTube had emerged as the no. 2 search engine. The writing on the wall was clear, all brands would eventually become media companies and traditional advertising agencies would be challenged by content companies. That’s the year when Videofyi started off offering by video content solutions for tech start ups. We pivoted and evolved constantly, testing our own assumptions about the market. In 2018 we launched Animation Studios at Videofyi to strengthen our production offerings of snack-able content. And decided to stick to making content around all things we love. ie. food, travel, football, automobile and DIY tech culture